Mark Colvin - Photography

I have found few things more enjoyable than photography. I have a background and training in sociology. Sociologists try to discover patterns in what appears to be randomness. I now understand that finding patterns in randomness is also what photographers do. As a sociologist, I believe that the observer constructs (consciously or unconsciously) the patterns that are “found.” This, I think, is the source of creativity in photography. In photography I seek to observe and capture the patterns that emerge in the randomness of human interactions, geometric shapes, and nature. But patterns change rapidly; the light dims, and clouds and people move.

I shoot various photographic subjects, including structures, people, objects, graffiti, and abstract patterns, I take photos in urban, rural and natural settings. I rarely plan my photographic images. I come upon scenes as I travel or walk around. Photographs were taken in Italy, Israel and the United States. Lately I have been trying to improve my craft by taking candid images of people in urban settings (so-called street photography). I use in photography the same types of observational skills that I developed as a practicing sociologist.

To view my photos, click on the word "Photographs." My photographs are organized into five categories: Recently on Exhibit; Street Photography B&W; Street Photography Color; Other Photography B&W; and Other Photography Color. Click one of the five photos to reveal a set of thumbnail images for that category. Within each category, click on a thumbnail to see its full image.

I hope my photographs reflect the enjoyment I feel when taking and producing them. I hope that you enjoy viewing them.